How To Make a Quick Flat White

How To Make a Quick Flat White

Looking for a smooth and velvety coffee to whisk you away? A flat white will do you in, and we know how to make a tasty one super fast. Make sure you stick with a specialty instant coffee ingredient you’re likely to enjoy.

Prep Time: 5 minutes



1 shot / 1.5 fl oz

Instant Coffee

1 packet


1 cup


  1. Dissolve a packet of instant coffee in a shot of hot water (205°F // 96°C preferred)
  2. Slowly heat up a cup of milk in a microwave or portable camp stove to 140°–158°F // 60°–70°C
  3. Pour dissolved coffee shot into hot milk
  4. Enjoy immediately


  1. Use a small whisk to stir dissolved instant coffee into milk without breaking the milk’s top layer

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