The Poisey Story

What is Poisey?

Poisey exists for people looking for a great cup of homemade hot or iced coffee, while on the couch or camp chair, in no time at all. We curate and recommend premium instant coffees to your liking from the best makers and brands that exclusively use the freeze-dried process to retain aroma and potency. Why? Because no one else would. We’re leaving the barista be, more often, and giving you a break from brews that require additional equipment and time!

Meet the Founder.

Hey, I’m Jon. I built Poisey because I felt there are people like me out there looking to be their best self. 

I’m an avid gamer, hiker, weight lifter, target shooter, traveler, cancer conqueror, beer explorer, and relaxed southern California native.

I have a complicated relationship with coffee. I didn’t start my warm embrace with the stuff until my first job right out of college. It did two things for me: woke me up when I was lagging and unproductive, and gave me the confidence to speak up. (Psst…. I’m an introvert, don’t tell anyone.) I was given a wonder drug, and it quickly became a ritual I looked forward to each day.

When I became wary of the burnt coffee from the break room, I ventured on to the local coffee shops at lunch. Black iced coffees were my go-to, and they still are.

When I found out that high quality instant coffee from the best regions is ideal for iced coffee, I made the switch. Now I make all my iced coffees this way and feel compelled to share the good news.

Our Higher Calling.

1% For The Planet - Poisey Story

Stewards of Earth

We’re outdoorsy and it’s pertinent to keep mother nature vibing so we can continue to thrive here. We joined 1% For The Planet, the percentage of our sales we’re committed to giving back to help keep the planet livable, loved, and cared for.

Blood Cancer - Poisey Story

Soldiers vs. Cancer

Everyone knows someone that has or had cancer. Jon’s personal entanglement with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma brings the Leukemia & Lymphoma Societies’ mission to end blood cancer to the forefront of Poisey’s support for cancer organizations. Because coffee isn’t the only thing that runs through our veins.

Mental Health - Poisey Story

Advocates for Your Brain

Mental health is more important than ever. A healthy body includes a healthy mind. We encourage everyone to seek professional services, no matter the severity of what you may be dealing with.