How to make good iced coffee at home quickly with instant coffee

How to make good iced coffee at home with instant coffee

There are a number of ways to make iced coffee at home. Your approach all depends on what you prefer taste-wise, how much caffeine you’re willing to drop in your system, and your patience. Luckily, we require very little patience with our approach. Skim through this easy recipe and read all the benefits premium instant coffee adds to your iced coffee cravings. It’s the perfect method.

Prep Time: 1 minute or less



8 - 16 fluid ounces (follow instant coffee brand's instructions)

Premium instant coffee

1 packet or heaping teaspoon


To your liking :)


  1. Pour packet of premium instant coffee into a glass or cup
  2. Add room temperature, cool, or cold water
  3. Stir until your specialty instant coffee has fully dissolved
  4. Add ice

Bonus - If you’re looking to flavor things up a bit, add the sweet stuff before you toss the ice in.

Flavored iced coffee

That’s it! Surprised the instant coffee can dissolve without scalding hot water? That’s one of the many benefits of freeze-dried instant coffee, the best way to make iced coffee. Many coffee shops and even international chains use specialty instant coffee that has been freeze-dried. Not everyone knows this! You're getting the same quality if not better than your favorite coffee shop when you use our premium instant coffees from our specialty brands.

Why Premium Instant Coffee is the best way to make iced coffee at home

Why Premium Instant Coffee is the best way to make iced coffee at home
  • Super Dissolvable: Premium instant coffee dissolves completely in all water temperatures, including cold!
  • Never Diluted: Your ice stays ice longer. Your coffee isn’t watered down after adding hot coffee to a cup of ice. You know it’s bad when you’re adding more ice only because the first hit of ice is melted through. Yeah, no more of that!
  • Zero Wait: It’s the only way to avoid having to wait for hot coffee to cool down before adding ice or prepping cold brew sometimes 24hrs before it’s ready for consumption. 
  • Avoid Jitters: If you don’t want the high caffeine of cold brew, this is your top method to enjoy homemade iced coffee. Our premium instant coffee averages around 120mg of caffeine while cold brew averages 200mg or more. You can still get a strong cup of iced coffee, just add more premium instant coffee powder. We’re advocates for caffeine in moderation. It’s up to you.
  • Cost Effective: Costs as little as $1.50 per cup when you purchase premium instant coffee packets from us. That’s less than most coffee shops. If you buy a jar of Alpine Start instant coffee, you’re looking at less than a buck per cup. 

We hand-select specialty instant coffees for outdoorsy people
and at-home iced coffee drinkers.

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